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A high quality mink fur captivates with its unique texture and its radiant elegant sheen. Thanks to our cooperation with the renowned quality seal BLACKGLAMA® we are able to offer you the best mink furs in the most exclusive color shades such as the rare deep black. Buy your real mink coat at MANAKAS and experience a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience.
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Mink coats - and jackets online at MANAKAS - sustainable luxury from one source For many years the name MANAKAS has reflected expertise and sustainability in the fur trade. For you, we create first-class genuine women's mink coats as well as other fur garments according to strict regulations to provide you with the quality that makes our stunning fur products so special. Would you also like to buy a mink coat from us that fulfils your need for luxury and exclusivity? Then do not hesitate any longer and find it now in our online store.

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The MANAKAS Online Shop - Buy mink coats and jackets with a sense for ethics and quality

Would you like to buy a high quality mink coat, but without sacrificing ethics and sustainability? Then you will find it in the MANAKAS Fur Online Shop. As a serious fur retailer with years of experience, we attach great importance to the well-being of the animals. We are a member of the IFF (International Fur Federation) and do our utmost to exceed the strict regulations with each of our exclusive products. In addition, with the global certification program WelFur, we guarantee our customers a high degree of transparency regarding the origin of our fur materials.

For us, buying a mink coat means luxury and responsibility at the same time. Support our philosophy that benefits animals, the environment and quality and buy your new mink coat now in the MANAKAS Online Shop.

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