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The MANAKAS sable skins are characterized by an above-average fineness. Our luxurious sable coats owe their design to our long-standing cooperation with the coveted Russian auctioneer SOJUZPUSHNINA, who is highly respected on the international fur market. If you want to buy a sable fur coat that guarantees you quality and appreciation, MANAKAS is the right choice.
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We at MANAKAS are furriers and fur traders with passion! We pamper our discerning customers with gorgeous sable fur coats from sustainable production, using only the finest materials to make your fur dreams come true. Would you like to adorn yourself with an exclusive unique piece that will make your heart beat faster as a fashion-conscious woman? Then buy now your sable fur coat online in our store.

Sable fur coats and jackets from MANAKAS

First class quality and fantastic design

Sustainable fashion for the modern woman

Would you like to buy a sable fur coat that offers you quality and sustainability in equal measure? Then the MANAKAS Fur Online Shop is the right place for you! To us, buying a fur coat means responsible treatment of the animals and luxurious wearing comfort of an exclusive natural material. Through the global certification program WelFur and our membership in the IFF (International Fur Federation) we set high standards as serious fur traders:
Our sable fur coats come from strictly controlled breeding farms, from which we demand transparency and compliance with all imposed guidelines.

So when you buy a sable fur from us, you are demonstrating not only your exquisite fashion sense but also a sense of respect for our environment.

The sable fur from MANAKAS

Timeless elegance